Bloodline of the Fallen - Anna's Sacrifice

Bloodline of the Fallen - Anna's Sacrifice 1.0

Bloodline of the Fallen - Anna's Sacrifice is a hidden-object game
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Bloodline of the Fallen - Anna's Sacrifice is a hidden-object game with a magical atmosphere. You will help Anna to explore some dark secrets of her past. Her father was murdered, and she doesn´t know why, but she wants to find out. She remembers that her father was a member of a mysterious cult, but she didn´t believe him. Now, she begins to think the stories were real.

To help Anna in her quest, you must find hidden objects in a variety of scenarios, from a haunted house to an indian reservation, going through offices and libraries. You will also have to solve some puzzles that will give you hints or objects that will be needed to discover new items.

When you have to find hidden objects, you will see a list on the right. As you find them, the names of the objects will be removed from the list. At certain intervals, you will be able to ask for a hint, if you need help to find something.

The provided download link leads to the GameHouse Game Downloader, which will download and install the files needed for the program. They will occupy 24652 Mb. on your hard disk. If you are running Windows Seven, you may need to run the downloader as an administrator. The trial version of this game will let you play for free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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